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Being a creative has it's own unique challenges, such as:
blocks, self-doubt, anxiety, fear-of-failure, career dilemmas, isolation, marketplace concerns and other difficulties that interfere with getting your creative work done.

But you don't have to do it alone.


Hi, I'm Angela.
A specialist in creativity and supporter of creative folk.

I help people in their unique creative direction in a gentle and insightful way aimed to spark inspiration and bring calm, clear confidence. I love working with aspiring and established creatives who want to stand out from the crowd and embrace more creative freedom in life and work.


Let's join forces and get you moving in the right direction.
here's how ...


70 days to your creative freedom.

1:1 Coaching is a great way of developing your skills, abilities and boosting your personal performance.

Ask yourself, what's your CREATIVE WISH?

Be bolder, be braver and shine-on as you confidently create.
✫ Breakthrough blocks and endless procrastination.
Get the creative habit and be wonderfly productive?
✫ Spark your imagination and generate an abundance of ideas?
✫ and more ...

Well, you're in the right.


CreativE confidence Workshops.

Are you an organisation or individual supporting creatives in their personal projects or career development and want to organise something unique, motivating and full of curiosity.

Creativity doesn't happen in isolation and workshops are a playful way to connect with like-minded folk, share ideas and get expert knowledge, with:

✫ A Journey Through The Creative Process - Overcome everyday artist problems.
✫ Intention Setting For Creatives - Get clear on your focus to pursue personal creative growth.

I loved my time with Angela, it’s been a transforming journey of discovery. Having someone listening to my dreams of becoming more creative in my everyday life has brought so much more than I could hope for.”
— coaching client
Before I started coaching with Angela I hadn’t created for myself in 10 years. I now have a lovely space with all my art materials around me, it’s so inspiring. I regularly block out time in my dairy just for me to paint, play and experiment. Life is so much richer now I am back creating for myself. I feel like me again.
— coaching client

Investing in your talent matters!

If you have tried everything else or got caught in endless procrastination - coaching could be the answer!

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About Me.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
I am an artist, coach, visual thinker and stationary hoarder with 20+ years in the creative industries (business owner, freelancer and arts project management) a background in psychology and specialist training in creativity coaching.

I have a powerhouse of specialist knowledge, experience and understanding for my clients to catalyse creative growth and bring about greater life satisfaction.